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Energy extracted from the sun's rays provides us not only with light and heat, but also with the possibility of harnessing its rays to produce energy. This energy is renewable energy, accessible and non-degradable which does not create waste that pollutes the earth.
Generating electricity from solar energy is an important tool for the country and its citizens, economically, technologically and strategically. Many countries encourage the production of electricity from solar energy in order to reduce their dependence on other countries as well as to reduce the purchase of degradable energy such as oil and coal, which are highly polluting sources of energy.
Many countries have realized the negative impact of generating energy from degradable sources and are now encouraging many companies to switch to generating electricity from solar energy. These incentives are reflected in project financing and self-procurement of electricity from solar companies.
SolPower is one of the leading companies in Israel for the initiation, design and construction of solar systems for factories and agriculture, and owns a number of operating systems. The company has the ability to build its systems on roofs, open spaces and water reservoirs.
The common business model of a solar project is based on a number of parameters. The first is the amount of electricity generated, the second is the sale price of solar energy (electricity) and the third is project financing costs. SolPower's model is based on renting buildings and spaces on which it builds its systems. SolPower sells the energy it produces to factories as well as the local electricity company, at reduced prices under long-term agreements for a period of about 25 years, yielding SolPower and its partners attractive returns.
The company is seeking collaborations with entities, business people and countries that are interested in establishing solar systems in their territory for private use and sale of electricity to the local electricity company.

Passive income for 25 years

Experience and quality

Ecological and environmentally friendly contribution

Full care of the entire process until the system connects to the mains

:Installation of Solar Systems

SolPower sees paramount importance in the quality of the solar system and its lifespan. We use innovative imaging software, which allows us to place the solar panels optimally and thus reach full utilization.

The beginning of any solar project begins at the design stage. SolPower's professionals have extensive and proven experience in designing and constructing solar systems. Since project planning is a complex and important procedure, we devotes a lot of time and effort to preliminary planning, analyzing data related to the construction, engineering planning and building an efficient system that will maximize electricity output, and lead to customer savings.

Once the planning phase is completed, we move on to the execution phase –  the construction phase. SolPower has proven experience in the construction of advanced solar systems and currently we have existing and active systems.


The SolPower staff accompanies our projects throughout the term of the agreement.
System maintenance is done remotely, identifying problems in real time and addressing and repairing them immediately.
In addition, SolPower personnel maintains systems on an ongoing basis throughout the life of the system. This service includes periodic inspections, system flushing, treatment and repair of existing problems, and replacement of parts if necessary.
For SolPower it is important that the system makes the most of its capacity and over time.

One of the most advanced solar energy systems in the world!


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